2022-November: H-106 or "How best to screw yourself."

A trip to Korea

November 2022, time to finally fly to Korea again after more than two years of Covid brake. After severe delivery problems of some companies that produce parts there not only for us, but equally for all other, well-known guitar manufacturers of this world, e.g. our machine heads and hardware parts, it was time to see what was going on. The machine head company is definitely the best in the world. Not for nothing do they produce a lot for Fender, Schertler, WD, Hipshot etc.. And our hardware company produces not only our tremolos, but e.g. complicated Babicz and Strandberg-Bridges as well as all original Bigsbys in all variations, whereby it should be noted that they have much stricter quality requirements from us.

With their general manager Mr. Kim, we drove to a restaurant specializing in raw seafood for dinner. Kim parked the car in the huge parking garage belonging to it and, to be on the safe side, took a photo of the parking space so that he could quickly find his elegant Genesis sedan by its number.

We dined deliciously, sole sashimi, abalone scallops, and especially octopus arms cut into small pieces in sesame oil and salt, which keep moving for about half an hour after the painless killing of these small sea creatures, sucking at your cheek before chewing in your mouth. Not to everyone's taste, but I dig it, and it's simply delicious and a special experience!

After this wonderful meal, we headed back to the parking garage about the same way, but couldn't find Kim's car. He looked at the photo, parking bay: H-106. But here there were only parking lines from A to E. What to do? We went back, up one escalator, down another, and after several attempts always ended up in the same place where we had stopped in despair. It was like a horror movie, no escape! Kim questioned various parkers up to the parking garage attendant. But no information about H-106. We again out on the street to find at least the parking garage entrance. After walking halfway around the huge block of buildings, we found the entrance. We entered there, and soon found ourselves in the same place again, parking lines from A to E, no "H". A Korean couple came to our rescue, long conversations and discussions. Even the parking garage attendant joined the group without success.

Finally, after an hour and a half of madness and multiple rounds, Kim remembered that his car had a locator that could be used to find it via cell phone. There it was suddenly and very suspiciously close! Kim reloaded the photo he had supposedly taken at the beginning and then the scales fell from his eyes: H-106 was the parking bay where he had parked his vehicle when he picked us up from the airport. Boom! Just loaded the wrong photo! A27 turned out to be the real parking lot that evening and was only a full twenty meters away from us, partially hidden by a pillar! We had simply not looked for the car, but only for H-106. So stupid you can be!