2015 - Dieters front grill advice for the AUDI car company

Dept. Dieter's good advice - AUDI

kundenbetreuung@audi.de 19.7.2015

Good afternoon.

Since I am actually a fan of your make, I would like to take the liberty here to give you some food for thought.

First, kudos: over more than the last decade, you've brought super designs to fruition. Especially the large sedans and the 2-door cars are just picture perfect and absolutely elegant.

Second - the radiator grille - no praise: Also for more than 10 years I have been following your design development, because for me the radiator grille is something like "the face of the car". And what you have done there over the years is pretty disastrous!
a) Making the grille higher wasn't a bad idea, ultimately moving towards a more identifiable shape. However, placing the license plate in the middle of the grille was a design blunder of the first order. The license plate belongs underneath in any case!!! In addition, you have these wonderful 4 rings. One could bring them nevertheless still better to the validity!
b) And now you have changed the actually already quite pleasing and also quite better identifiable higher form, by installing two corners on the top left and right. This was the worst idea, because the grille now has something of a Darth Vader look - especially with the integrated license plate. Extremely ugly and inelegant!

Third: RS3 - for me an unserious design, in which currently all car manufacturers try. You as AUDI would have been better off leaving it alone.


Here on the right is my suggestion:

Very close to the Hyundai ...