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Dieter Gölsdorf aka Atze Rockinger

Everything about me, Dieter Gölsdorf ("Atze" Rockinger"), from 1964 until today: Göldo, Duesenberg, Kluson, Diego, Roger, the first Rockinger kits, the Tru Tune Tremolo with Eddie van Halen, the Rolling Stones, Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Mike Campbell, the Eagles, Joe Walsh, John Mayer, Tito & Tarantula and Dave Stewart. Plus my friend and business partner Ingo Renner and the entire company staff from the beginning until today.

And my Spanish ambitions: Formentera Guitars, moving to Madrid and then to Cadiz. All about the Starplayer guitars and other Duesenberg models: DCC, Caribou, Pomona, Paloma, Julia, TV Phonic, Triton Bass etc. Special parts like the Les Trem, the Multi Bender, the Split King Humbucker, my tremolo passion, as a "fan" some stuff about "Wandré". Last but not least some things about my Madrid band "Los Dooros". And all kinds of audio and video clips as well as other, important stories about my life, which have less to do with the guitar ...

And: I am always curious and always impatient until today! In addition, I can be manic and even caustic at times. But don't worry! I always want only the best!

And do not forget:
What you don't want done to you, don't do to others!