2013 - Underberg - a good advice

Dept. Dieters good advice - UNDERBERG:

During a short stay in Chile taking with me a pack of Underberg that I was able to purchase at the Buenos Aires airport, I once again had to get upset about this silly packaging, which later led to a letter to this company:

Good day.

Since I absolutely appreciate the quality of your beverage, I must inform you that I am extremely displeased with your policy, or as one says today "marketing strategy", of offering your beverage solely in these small bottles.

Why is Underberg not available in normal 3/4 liter bottles like Fernet Branca, Montenegro, Jägermeister and all the others? Once again, I must mention that Underberg simply tastes best to me among all these more or less bitter drinks. The subtlety of the flavors and the absence of sugar even suggest that it is the highest quality drink in comparison. But these vials are simply unworthy and silly at the same time, and simply out of date.

At the same time, I would ask you to check at which airports in this world your product is available for purchase. You won't find anything there! And in my opinion, the main reason for your limited sales is exactly this form of presentation in these small bottles, cans and cardboard boxes - all wrapped in paper and plastic foil. Who wants to lug all that ballast around? And in the end, you will have the ecologists against you on the one hand, but on the other hand the practical people who prefer to pour or have poured a glass from a normal bottle.

And one more word about your paper wrapping: The association is obvious that alcohol abuse is to be systematically concealed here, as happens in the U.S., where people drink alcohol on the street from containers that they conceal with a brown paper bag. There is no reason to take an Underberg "secretly"!

And your idea to send special Underberg glasses etc. in exchange for "bottle tops" does not show greatness either. One could come as a consumer even on the thought that you would like to use them again. After all, they can't be produced without any money at all! And at all one asks oneself as a consumer whether such an exaggeratedly packed and dosed product must not be generally totally overpriced.

Please take my thoughts to heart. It can come out only the best for you!

Best regards from Madrid.

Dieter Gölsdorf