2013 - The Croatia Secret

Well, they don't really grow out of the ground. And in Hanover we have a large CNC machine and the PLEK, both for more final work. The preliminary work, however, is done in our phenomenal factory in Croatia, the land of Modrić, Savić, Rakitić, Perisić and many other international soccer stars, so from raw wood to perfectly lacquered blank. The assembling, in turn, takes place by the finest hand in Hanover. Our factory is run by brothers Arijan and Alan Sabić, who grew up in Frankfurt, two crafty guys who build their own machines and have been involved in guitar production for ages, with the two of them having supplied us with blanks before and Arijan also being present with us in Hanover at times for various years. We have kept this a production secret over the years. But there are always these rumors started by evil, begrudging people that our guitars come from China or somewhere else. This has to stop now! See for yourself!

Croatia - Varazdin

Varazdin is a charming baroque town north of Zagreb. Capital of Croatia in the 17th century, it is still an important industrial center, especially a place of traditional furniture production. Therefore the infrastructure in terms of "wood" is perfect for us.

Duesenberg - Woodcrafts

Here, all kinds of things are done with CNC milling machines, which results in absolute precision. When I took care of production back in the Rockinger days, it was a different story. One worked with milling templates and copy milling machines. This was faster, but it also had its downsides, such as splintering wood, etc. The milling motors were not yet as high-speed and the cutting edges of the milling heads not yet as sophisticated as today. But what remains then as now is the manual work, sanding, sanding finer, sanding even finer before the varnish can be applied to the surfaces.

These guys also made us this gigantic tremola model out of hard foam.

The top press

The frame press

Hollow-Works ...


Painting & Polishing

The Rusty-Steel amp cases are produced and painted here as well as the cases of our pedals.